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About Us

About Us

The Publications Unit is a service and instructional branch of the Department of English, which provides editorial, technical, marketing/advertising, graphic design, and desktop publishing/production support associated with several independent literary publications, scholarly journals, and a small fiction press, including, Obsidian: Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora, SRPR (Spoon River Poetry Review), the Sinclair Lewis Society Newsletter, the IATE Newsletter, the Illinois English Bulletin, and FC2 (Fiction Collective 2). Most of the publications have a faculty affiliation or historical connection with the Department of English.

The Publications Unit also serves the vital role of providing educational and practical experience for the department's graduate assistants and undergraduate interns interested in nonprofit presses, journals, and scholarly publications. Many students in the Publishing Studies sequence receive their practical experience, a requirement of the program, at the Publications Unit. This experience includes proofreading, editing, design and layout, marketing, advertising, permissions, graphic work, record keeping, archiving, and bulk/distribution mailing. By providing a broad work experience, the assistants and interns not only build their portfolios, but also enter the marketplace with valuable and current skills.

Our Mission

The Publications Unit is dedicated to serving the mission of:

advancing the publication, dissemination, and readership of contemporary literature and scholarship
serving as a resource for scholarship, research, and publishing
building upon the existing strengths of the faculty, editors, literary journals, and scholarly publications
educating students in the field of publishing
enacting in practice a model of English Studies
engaging the community through publishing-related outreach activities

Faculty and Staff

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