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  • The Sinclair Lewis Society Newsletter

    Downstate Legacies

    Downstate Legacies is a literary imprint of the Publications Unit that publishes a book of poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction each year by writers from Illinois or the Midwest. It focuses on publishing innovative works by writers working outside major metropolitan centers who build literary infrastructure by organizing communities in their region. The Undiscovered Americas series is an imprint of Downstate Legacies that publishes literary translations and lost books by North, Central, and South American writers.

    Publication Schedule: 1-2 books per year

    Director and Editor: Steve Halle

  • Fiction Collective Two (FC2)

    FC2 (Fiction Collective Two)

    Fiction Collective Two is among the few alternative presses in America devoted to publishing fiction considered by America's largest publishers too challenging, innovative, or heterodox for the commercial milieu. A joint venture between the University of Utah and Illinois State University, FC2 is an imprint of the University of Alabama Press in Tuscaloosa.

    Publication Schedule: 6 books per year

    Chair of the FC2 Board of Directors: Joanna Ruocco

    University of Alabama Press contact: Daniel Waterman

  • Obsidian, Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora

    Obsidian, Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora

    Founded in 1975, Obsidian: Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora is a semiannual journal of contemporary poetry, fiction, drama, performance, and visual and media art by African/Black artists, with critical and scholarly writing by the general community on the subject of these creative works. To advance discourses engaging diasporic arts and letters, Obsidian regularly devotes issues to special topics.

    Publication Schedule: 2 issues per year

    Editor: Duriel E. Harris

  • The Sinclair Lewis Society Newsletter

    Press 254

    Press 254 is a handmade chapbook press and publishing workshop founded in 2012. PRESS 254 promotes emerging writers from the ISU and Bloomington-Normal communities by publishing four books each year in two unique series: the Sutherland Series (fall releases) and the Word Bombing Series (spring releases). Since PRESS 254 is a teaching press, all chapbooks are produced by a student staff of publishing studies majors from English 254: Introduction to Professional Publishing under the guidance of an instructor from the Publications Unit staff.

    Publication Schedule: 4 books per year

    Director and Editor: Steve Halle

  • The Sinclair Lewis Society Newsletter

    The Sinclair Lewis Society Newsletter

    SLSN, a publication of the Sinclair Lewis Society, was formed to support the Society's mission to encourage the study of, critical attention to, and general interest in the work, career, and legacy of Lewis.

    Publication Schedule: 1 newsletter per fall and spring semester

    Editor: Sally Parry

  • Spoon River Poetry Review cover

    SRPR (Spoon River Poetry Review)

    Produced continuously since 1974, the Spoon River Poetry Review publishes both open and closed poetry that ranges from the traditional to the avant-garde. Each issue of the journal features a selected Illinois poet alongside other established and emerging poets from around the nation and the world. Every fall issue includes the winners of the annual Editors' Prize contest.

    Publication Schedule: 1 issue per fall and spring semester

    Editor: Kirsten Hotelling Zona