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Student Positions

In addition to working in each of the four areas on any one of the Publications Unit's publishing projects, students spend a fair amount of time investigating and discussing current and theoretical issues in the field of contemporary publishing. They research their own areas of interest and share their findings with Publications Unit staff and one another as a part of "round table."

A student is invited to work at the Publications Unit in one of two ways: as a graduate assistant (most often as part of a Sutherland Fellowship in creative writing) or as an undergraduate intern (most often as part of the professional practice hours required by the Publishing Studies sequence). In either case, each student is interviewed and tested before being accepted into one of the few positions open each semester. Major student projects fall into four categories: editorial, production, printing, and marketing/advertising.

Learning experiences, completed while working on professional publications can range from scanning and proofreading text to designing the interior of a book or creating an advertisement to assisting with printer communications and checking proofs to creating an advertising solicitation campaign or managing a subscription database.